Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the database?
Everybody interested in water research can use this database.

Who can register?
Everybody who feel that they have a contribution that can be looked upon as water research or have information important for water researchers can register as a reseracher in this database. Originally it was meant for Norwegian water researchers carrying out water research outside Norway and foreign researchers doing research in the same countries and watersheds as Norwegians.From summer 2001 it will be open for everybody who want to share information about their water research worldwide.

Why should I register?
You should register if you find it interesting to contribute with your water research or findings. Your contribution will help others to find information about your research.

Forgotten password?
Go to and you will automatically receive a new password.

Keywords does not fit to my work.
It is not possible to change keywords. Try to find at least one that fits to your work.

I can not find my watershed.
You have to contact editor on +47 55 58 93 15 or on email:

Institutions are missing.
You have to contact editor on +47 55 58 93 15 or on email:

Researchers are missing.
You can add new researchers on the list. Remember contact information phone, e-mail and institution. If institution is not there you have to contact editor on +47 55 58 93 15 or email:

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