About the Water Research Network (WRN)

The Water Research Network database is a collaborative effort, run by University of Bergen, Norway and sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council and the Government of the Netherlands. The database has been operating since late October 2001.


The database is useful for researchers and students from all kind of disciplines and from all over the world - dealing with the role of fresh water in history and development. It should help people in different countries, in different institutions and in different disciplines to come in contact with each other, and it should also - as the database develops - encourage cumulative reasearch.


The database is a tool in the process of making a multi-volume book-series entitled "History of Water and Civilitazion", initiated by UNESCO. The work will be carried out by UNESCO in cooperation with the International Water History Association, and will take many years to finish. The database is thought to help the editors to identify potential contributors for the different topics of this multi-volume series. The support of the Government of the Netherlands is intended to make this possible.


The Water Research Network database will also be an important tool in the work of the Research and Ethical Network Embracing Water (RENEW), a worldwide research and education network connected to the World Comission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST), UNESCO. The database should support the dissemination of research on water and ethics, and is therefore supported by the Scandinavian/Baltic node for research and education on water and ethics.

The structure of the database is built around research projects and literature connected to thematic keywords, countries of research, watersheds, researchers and institutions. You may add information to the database or make changes in your registration data at any time. The database is updated and the new information is available for all users as soon as changes are submited.

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